Embracing Change and Moving Forward: A Timeline for Business Operations

Hello, wonderful community!

As I embark on the next chapter in my life, I wanted to share with you the (current, subject to changes) timeline for wrapping up manufacturing operations at my beloved studio and retail space in Meredith, NH. Your unwavering support means the world to me, and I want to ensure a smooth transition for all of us.

First and very important: I will not be ordering more ingredients or materials. This means that if I run out of supplies necessary for making certain products, those items will be discontinued from the available inventory. If this happens after you have placed an order, don’t worry—I will offer alternative products or a refund for the discontinued items.

What this means: If there is something that you LOVE, please order early.

I will be updating the website as necessary to remove unavailable products, but I am not fail-proof... (being a Capricorn Moon and Virgo rising... that sentence took a lot of humility to write...)

While I strive to fulfill orders within 3-5 business days, please allow up to 10 business days for shipping from the date your order is placed. I make many products to fulfill orders as they are received. As I wind-down manufacturing, ifilling orders now includes making additional inventory of products ordered to create back-stock, which adds to my manufacturing time.

In full-disclosure, in addition to wrapping up my business operations, I am also taking classes to fulfill my pre-requisites for graduate school applications, while performing my duties as mom... and I am doing my best not to burn out during this process.

Here’s the detailed schedule for the upcoming changes:

  • August 23: Last day to order online.
  • August 23 - September 6: I will manufacture products to fulfill pending orders and create back-stock.
  • September 9: Shipping of any remaining orders.
  • September 9 - 11: Conduct final inventory of all products and ingredients.
  • September 11 - 14: Moving any remaining materials out of my studio space.
  • September 16: The website will reopen, and I will fulfill orders based on available back-stock only.
  • Through December 15, 2024: I will continue to offer online sales or until inventory is depleted.

Please note that the dates listed above are based on my current lease terms and are subject to change without notice if I have the opportunity for an early release from my retail/studio lease.

Your understanding and support during this transition are deeply appreciated. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.

For the most prompt response, please text (603) 600-5029 or DM me on social media.

Thank you for being such a fantastic community. I appreciate our journey together and look forward to all the new adventures that await us!

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