Free stuff! This page includes free downloads and printable pages. Bullet Journal Pages, Coloring Pages, Aromatherapy Recipes, and more!

Aromatherapy Recipes

DIY Bug Spray Instructions Printable PDF
Do you need to refill your Botanical or K9 Bug Spray? Download our handy instruction sheet for all the info you need.

Diffuser Blends for Wellness printable PDF

I have created a free printable guide for making 6 diffuser blends to help support wellness during stressful times, for you to download!  
The blends include support for:

Immunity                 Insomnia               Stress

Emotional Eating     Respiratory          Mental Fatigue

Worksheets & Journal Pages

30 Day Gratitude Tracker printable PDF
I created this template to use in my dot-grid journal (some people call them bullet journals, mine is a work in progress and more of a random collection of ideas and thoughts). The way I use it is to write just one or two words for each day, and doodle around the edges.  For personal use only.

Charm Jar Templates printable PDF
This template was created to support intention setting and spell-casting practices using our Charm Jar set.

Coloring Pages

Sometimes when I doodle, it's just lines and shapes.  And sometimes I doodle more concrete emotions or ideas, and I am happy to share them with you! These pages are free for you to download and color. For personal use only.

Grateful Wreath Coloring Page printable PDF

Botanically Inspired Mandala printable PDF