Magical Lotion
Magical Lotion
Magical Lotion
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Magical Lotion

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Now made with 100% organic ingredients!

Avocado oil, coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter. 

Put this stuff on EVERYTHING! A great all-natural replacement for petroleum jelly. It's a moisturizer-lip balm-rash cream-put it everywhere kind of balm. At home we call it "mama's magical lotion". 

Safe for dogs, it's great to use on your pup's feet to protect them from winter salt and on hot spots.

This formula is the base for most of our body balms and lotion sticks.

Magical Lotion is available in multiple sizes:
4 fl oz tin
2 fl oz tin
2.65 fl oz Lotion Stick
0.5 fl oz Lotion Stick

Mama's Magical Lotion | Everything Balm | Moisturizer | Lotion Bar | Lip Balm | Rash Cream | Diaper Rash | Cracked Hands | Scrapes

***Due to the nature of our balms and butters being made without artificial waxes or stabilizers, in warmer months we require shipping via USPS Priority Mail with cold packs.  As such, these will only ship Monday through Thursday from May through October, to ensure our products reach you in satisfactory condition.***

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