K9 Bug Spray DIY Refill 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend 6ml

K9 Bug Spray DIY Refill 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend 6ml

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Have you ordered a K9 bug spray from us?  Want to re-use the bottle? Enjoy making your own bottle of K9 bug spray with our DIY Refill!

This handy little refill kit will save you a little pocket change, and we can both contribute to saving the environment.  

What you get: 

1) One (1) 6ml bottle of our exclusive K9 Bug Spray Essential oil blend
2) Instructions to refill your own bottle of K9 Bug Spray

This listing is for one 6ml bottle of undiluted essential oil blend, to refill one 4oz bottle of Hazel Moon K9 Bug Spray.  To refill an 8oz bottle, you will need 2 DIY refill kits.  

Supplies needed, not included with this set:
4oz aluminum or glass spray bottle
Small funnel
Tsp measuring spoon
Measuring cup
91% rubbing alcohol OR Vodka or other unflavored alcohol
Witch Hazel or Distilled Water

This product contains a proprietary blend of Geranium, Citronella, Lavender, Cedarwood, Spearmint, and Ginger. 

Each oil used has been calculated to be within the safe topical application limits, as defined in "Essential Oil Safety, Second Edition" by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young.

You will find other all-natural bug repellents on the market, but many of them contain essential oils that are not recommended for use on dogs or children or under age 10, such as clove bud oil, peppermint, wintergreen, rosemary and others. 

Legal and Safety Information:

This product is not registered with the EPA, as products using essential oils are considered by the EPA to be "generally recognized as safe.  

EPA Minimum Risk

How to Use Repellents Safely
All repellents can cause side effects, especially if you apply too much of it or too often. For example, they can all cause rashes and skin irritation. In addition, DEET might cause disorientation, particularly in high concentrations, which is why we don't recommend repellents that are more than 30 percent DEET.

So use all repellents with care. Here's how:

Apply just enough to cover exposed skin, and only for as long as needed.
Don’t use it on wounds, cuts, or broken or irritated skin.
Never put it on under your clothes.
For your face, spray it on your palms first, then rub it in, avoiding your eyes and mouth, and using sparingly around ears.
Adults should put it on children, since children often put their hands in their eyes and mouths.
Don’t use near food, and wash hands after application and before eating or drinking.
At the end of the day, wash treated skin with soap and water, and wash treated clothing in a separate wash before wearing again.
Wash repellent off your skin and launder treated clothes.