Butter Mint Body, Mind & Surface Aromatherapy Spray
Butter Mint Body, Mind & Surface Aromatherapy Spray
4oz Amber Glass Spray Bottle with White Spray Cap held on palm of hand to show size
Hazel Moon Botanicals

Butter Mint Body, Mind & Surface Aromatherapy Spray

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An invigorating, familiar sweet aroma with hints of butter and vanilla. Treat yourself to this sugar-free boost of energy!

Our synergy contains Organic Peppermint, Organic Spearmint, Butter CO2 and Balsam of Peru essential oils, suitable for use in the air age 2 years+. Not recommended for use on the skin under age 12 years.

Our Body, Mind and Surface Aromatherapy Sprays are scented with pure essential oils and botanical extracts.

Lightly scent your room, pillow or body with our Aromatherapy Spray.

Spray on sheets or use on linens after taking them off the line or out of the dryer.

Bottled in an amber glass bottle with white fine mist sprayer.

Ingredients: Organic Witch Hazel, Isopropyl Alcohol U.S.P, Essential Oils total dilution 2%

No synthetic fragrances, no parabens, and no phthalates.

Do not spray in eyes. External use only.

Shake Vigorously before each use to disperse the oils.

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