Backbar for Spas: Pumpkin, Cranberry & Turmeric Skincare Set
Backbar for Spas: Pumpkin, Cranberry & Turmeric Skincare Set
Backbar for Spas: Pumpkin, Cranberry & Turmeric Skincare Set
Backbar for Spas: Pumpkin, Cranberry & Turmeric Skincare Set
Hazel Moon Botanicals

Backbar for Spas: Pumpkin, Cranberry & Turmeric Skincare Set

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Product is priced at full-retail value - Spa and Wholesale clients enjoy 50% professional discount on this product when they complete a Wholesale Distributor Contract.  For Wholesale Distributor discounts, please review and complete our Wholesale Distributor Contract . You will receive an exclusive discount code when your contract has been approved.

Our Seasonal Skincare Set is the perfect solution for your clients' everyday skincare routine. This set includes everything you need to offer a facial for your clients using naturally derived active ingredients, with gentle but effective formulas to keep your client's skin healthy and glowing. Each set includes 6 products sized to provide 25-40 facials, plus seasonal essential oil synergy blends for diffusing.

RETAIL SET SHOWN FOR EXAMPLE - Backbar packaging and contents vary slightly. 


  • Cranberry & Pumpkin Balm-to-Milk Cleanser: Using the oil-cleansing technique with our balm-to-milk cleanser,  gently remove impurities and makeup without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Formulated to turn from a smoothing balm to a rinse-clean moisturizing milk as you massage the nourishing ingredients into your skin.  2fl oz/60gram jar
  • Sweet Orange & Cranberry Facial Bar: The gentle facial cleansing bar is made with gentle cleansers and skin-soothing botanical oils and is perfect for daily use for all skin-types. Use if preferred after or in lieu of balm-to-milk cleanser. 50gram bar


  • Cranberry & Pumpkin Super Fruit Enzyme Serum: Formulated to smooth, brighten and improve the overall appearance of your skin. It's packed with antioxidants to help fight environmental stressors and promote a fresh-faced glow. 1fl oz/30ml/25 gram bottle with dropper dispenser
  • Pumpkin, Oatmilk & Honey Mask: Gently remove dead skin cells and leave your client's skin feeling refreshed and revitalized.  Our mask contains pumpkin powder, colloidal oatmeal, organic oatmilk, kaolin clay, and organic pumpkin seed oil, all carefully chosen for their nourishing and restorative properties. Backbar exclusive size 8oz/130gram jar, includes measuring scoop.
  • Brightening Turmeric Facial Mist: Our toner is formulated to hydrate and balance your skin's pH levels. Our toner is made with organic turmeric hydrosol, organic witch hazel, sodium lactate, niacinamide and panthenol, which work together to provide skin with hydration and nutrients. 2fl oz/60ml spray bottle
  • Gold Glow Moisturizing Cream: Lock in moisture and nourish your client's skin throughout the day. Our moisturizer is packed with natural ingredients such as organic turmeric extracts, organic vegetable glycerin, pumpkin seed protein, allantoin, organic cranberry oil, organic seabuckthorn extract, and organic pumpkin seed oil to provide skin with the ultimate care it deserves. Backbar exclusive size 2fl oz/50g pump bottle

In addition, each seasonal set for spas includes THREE 5ml bottles of seasonal essential oil synergy ($42-$50 retail value), plus a passive diffuser for each scent ($12 value), so you can maximize your client's seasonal sensory experience.

Optional add-on our spa-at-home accessories kit ($9.99 value), which includes a luxurious 100% cotton muslin face cloth (it will get even softer with continued use!), plus a porcelain mixing dish and wooden spoon for mixing your mask with water or the included facial mist.

This Deluxe Skincare Facial Set is the addition to your facial offerings for your clients. Our products are made with only the finest ingredients in micro-batches and are suitable for all skin types. 

Seasonal Sets for Winter, Spring and Summer will be available for purchase when product line-up is finalized and released. Approximate date for Winter release 12/1/2023; Spring 3/1/2024, Summer 6/1/2024.

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