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Sacral Chakra Aromatherapy Roller

Sacral Chakra | Svadhisthana | Water | 2nd Chakra

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Sacral Chakra | Svadhisthana | Water | 2nd Chakra

Connection & Well-being

Signs of Balance: Creative flow, healthy sexual desire, positive outlook, connected to intuition, knows how to give and receive pleasure.

Essential Oils: Clary Sage, Sweet Orange, Galbanum

The Chakras are a series of 7 “subtle energy” centers along the vertical axis of the body.  Based on the Hindu Chakra system, each energy center possesses it’s own color and vibrational frequency.  Each Chakra governs manifestations of emotional, spiritual and physical balance or imbalance.

This collection has been selected specifically for use as meditation, anointing, and massage oils.  These oils are intended for aromatherapy purposes only, and should not be ingested or used in any other way.   This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition.  Not for use by children under age 12.

Each blend in this collection is diluted to 3% in organic Sunflower oil.  Sunflower oil was selected as it is a particularly good healing oil, and takes it’s name from the sun in Leo.  It is a good base oil for positive energy work, and is particularly good for spiritual work as it receives and holds positive energy.  Sunflower oil is noncomedogenic.

Each purchase includes a rollerball EO blend for your Chakra of choice, and the enclosed cards provides a brief description of your chosen Chakra, what it represents when it is balanced, as well as a list of the essential oils in the blend, and the spiritual energies of each essential oil. 

To use: massage a small amount of the blend onto or near the Chakra point during meditation or yoga practice focused on the specific energy center you seek to balance.

Also available in a set of all 7 Chakra blends with a 10% discount.