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Custom Aromatherapy - Deposit



I will create a custom, personalized essential oil blend for your needs.  We will work together to identify your needs and other unique criteria to create a blend specifically for you.

Your personal blend will be developed using standards of essential oil chemistry and safety.  

Once I have developed your specific blend, you will select from the following options: 

1) A concentrated oil blend that can be used with a personal inhaler or essential oil diffuser necklace.  Just use a few drops are applied to the inhaler or necklace, and you can wear it or have a few inhalers stashed around (office, room, locker, backpack, purse) to use as needed. 

2) A vial of the blended oils preserved in sea salt, to keep in your pocket, purse, etc. and smell whenever you need to.  

3) A lotion or oil that you can massage into temples or other pulse points if a more tactile sensory route would be preferred.  

4) A customized body or room spray.

Final cost may vary depending on which option you choose, depending on the concentration of oils used, packaging, and if you want duplicate sets.  I will price out the various options for you through the development process, but generally the TOTAL cost will range from $10 to $60. This includes the customization of the blend for your specific needs, as well as other raw materials and finished products that you select. 

Once final selections have been made I will send you a PayPal invoice for the balance due and any shipping costs, so you can purchase your personalized blend and select shipping options. Once your listing has been paid for, I will begin production of your personalized product.  

This $10 customization fee is a deposit and will be subtracted from the cost of the final product, not including shipping charges. 

Production time from time of payment for your final product selection is dependent on products selected. I aim to ship products as soon as possible, but depending on the complexity or availability of the oils selected, receipt of your final customized product may take up to two weeks.

Custom Aromatherapy Intake Form


Reviewed by DivaR8ch on Oct 12, 2018
Marie created a custom product for me in August 2018. She listened carefully to what I needed, and expertly selected the right combination of therapeutic oils and wonderful, soothing scents to create a custom blend. To add context, I have special needs skin -- I've had chronically dry skin my whole life, and this last year, found out that my skin simply produce less oil than most people. Without added moisture, my legs quickly turn into crocodile skin. Her blend mixed several moisturizing oils, as well as inflammation reducing oils, with a pleasing citrus scent. I will probably be a customer for life now! Thank you, Marie!
Custom Aromatherapy Collage