Lunar Cycle Aromatherapy

The Moon, in all of it's phases is a powerful force.  

We feel the influence in the changing tides of the ocean, as well as the ebb and flow of our energy, mood and spirit.

My Lunar Cycle Aromatherapy Synergies are my most inspired aromatherapy blends yet, with a selection of essential oils to influence the power of the moon in our lives in all phases of the lunar cycle.

Full Moon Synergy includes essential oils chosen for their ability to provide protection, increase focus of attention, and aid in harnessing intuition. This blend is infused with irridescent labradorite, for it's properties of balancing & protecting the aura while raising consciousness and supporting transformation. 

Full Moon Synergy includes Opopanax (a cousin to Myrrh), Eucalyptus, Juniper Berry, Black Pepper & Organic Rosemary, with labradorite.

New Moon Synergy includes essential oils chosen for their ability to provide grounding, breaking ties with the past, support growth and aid in aligning ourselves with our intentions and goals. This blend is infused with luminous rainbow moonstone, for it's properties that help to provide balance to our emotions, while enhancing creativity and new beginnings.

New Moon Synergy includes Australian Sandalwood, Frankincense, Organic Lemon, Ginger Root CO2 & Hyssop with rainbow moonstone.

Lunar Synergy products 10ml+ contain 13 semi-precious stone beads, each bead representing one lunar cycle. Lunar synergies 5ml and under contain 4 semi-precious stone beads, representing the 4 quarters of the year.