Energy Cleanse

A spiritually and physically cleansing combination that washes away bad energy and leaves a crisp, clean, earthy reminder for us to release what holds us down, to clarify body, mind and spirit. 

This synergy is mindfully blended with sustainably cultivated White Sage, Dalmatian Sage & Clary Sage, Palo Santo, and Holy Basil

Due to the aromatic intensity of White and Dalmatian Sage, it's not appropriate to use under age 12 years, or people who have a history of seizures.

We do not recommend the undiluted use of this synergy in personal inhalers.

This synergy is available in:

4oz Aromatherapy Spray

4oz Yoga Mat & Body Spray

4oz Deodorant & Body Spray

5ml Pure Essential Oil Blend

10ml Aromatherapy Roll On

10ml Build Your Own Aromatherapy Gift Set

3ml Build Your Own Aromatherapy Gift Set