Body Butters, Balms & Salves

Silky smooth and ultra-moisturizing, our tea-infused body butter made with organic ingredients is a little bit of luxury in a reuseable tin. Organic green & herbal teas are infused in skin-loving avocado oil or organic sunflower oil to extract the amazing benefits of the tea, as well as absorbing the intoxicating aroma of the fruit, herbs and spices from the tea. After infusing, we strain the oil and blend it with a skin-quenching blend of organic coconut oil,  organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter and organic beeswax and select pure essential oils.

Due to the nature of natural butters, our Balms, Body Butters and Salves require USPS Priority Shipping from May through the end of September, to minimize product melting. Our Balms, Body Butters and Salves do not contain artificial stabilizers.